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How would it feel to work with me One on One for 12 weeks as we build and scale your coaching business together?!

To Win the $18,000 Coaching Prize

All you have to do is join the waitlist for my new book 'The Thriving Coach' and pick-up a copy of it on the day it is released on June 27th!
The winner will be drawn live on June 30th!

Becoming a Thriving Coach

Maybe I'm biased but a career in coaching makes sense...

You get to help others, you have no boss, you work your own hours from anywhere on earth and you get to make a ton of money in the process!

It really is total freedom!


The unfortunate truth is that only the top 5% of coaches really earn enough to live that way...

The other 95% struggle before either needing another income to support them or quitting altogether as the effort required to generate new leads, do social media, run programs and simultaneously build the business just becomes too great.

Out of the 100+ people that finished their coaching certification at the same time as me, only 2 of us are still going, and we're THRIVING while everyone else has gone back to the 9-5 grind...

What's Included in the $18,000 Prize

In order to succeed as a coach you need to master a few critical things like your niche, your messaging, your social media, your ability to communicate value through effective copywriting, your public speaking skills, your ability to launch programs and sell in front of large groups and intimately on sales calls, your ability to get the results you promise and the strategies to market and grow your brand. There is a lot to it...

Without these skills dialled in you'll find yourself frustrated as your business will consistently underperform.

At the start of 2022 I built a program that was created for my younger self, it was built knowing exactly what it takes to succeed and then reverse engineering the process. You get access to that complete program!
  • Niche, X-Factor & Branding: Get certain and clear with who you serve, your unique message and your brand essence!
  • Intellectual Property: Design your own custom coaching frameworks that get your clients unparalleled results and an exclusive experience!
  • Social Media & Marketing: Learn my 6 unique social lead generation strategies and how to use Intimacy Marketing to bring in a wave of new clients!
  • Magnetic Copywriting: Discover the secret language patterns that you can use to at least triple your engagement and response rate!
  • Influential Speaking: When you are a potent speaker you will find yourself in front of thousands of people so that you can effortlessly grow your brand.
  • Sales: Sales is an art-form, and I'm going to teach you how to shift you sales from ok to incredible so that your income goes through the roof!
Over the 12 Weeks of training you will go through my One to Many Coaching Accelerator system which is a complete process for taking your business to the 6-figure mark and beyond. We will catch up on Zoom every single week as we build and scale your business to achieve the freedom you crave and a life lived doing what you love!

Elise Riley - Athlete Mindset Coach

Program satisfaction is 10/10, I just love the coaching calls and the spreadsheets are a game changer, I'll use those for the rest of my life, the frameworks portion was so valuable. You have this knack of always being relevant to what's going on, I got a lot out of our last call, you just get it!

Daniel Garbett - Mens Coach & Breath Work Facilitator

I love the way you tailor the presentation to the feedback, the touch points have been great, the workbook absolutely blew me away, the level of detail in that is so easy to follow, it's step by step process for building a coaching business!

Cameron Allen - Entrepreneur Mindset Coach

Massive shoutout to a coach I've been working with for the last 4 months John Templeton, there's been no greater transformation for me that has allowed me to live my best life and to have the business that I've alway wanted!

Codie Wilkins - Female Startup Business Coach

I love it, there is so much detail, plus it's holistic because there is the strategy but also the mindset, the copywriting, the potent presentations it's gold John, it's GOLD! I've found my flow and had my first person sign up for the Lioness Club at $2497!

Monique Powell - Weight Loss & Confidence Coach

Thank you for crossing paths with me firstly, and secondly for going above and beyond for your clients, you really make me feel so supported and loved in everything you do! I really didn't know what to expect but you've blown this out the park!

Kate Back - Metabolic Health & Motherhood Coach

The workbook is just beyond phenomenal, it's amazing, the detail in it has just given me so much clarity, the calls in particularly last weeks one, I just felt so hyped afterwards and it's helped so much with my own self belief!

To Win the $18,000 Coaching Prize

All you have to do is join the waitlist for my new book 'The Thriving Coach' and pick-up a copy of it on the day it is released on June 27th!
The winner will be drawn live on June 30th!
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